Hon. Paul J. Aiello, Esq.
P.O. Box 337
Mt. Shasta, CA 96067
Hourly Rate $400
Current Mediator, Arbitrator

Conducting arbitrations and mediations only by videoconference or teleconference for the duration of the pandemic.
Practice 26
Cases 400
Languages English
Mediator, Arbitrator

Conducting arbitrations and mediations only by videoconference or teleconference for the duration of the pandemic.
Mediator, Arbitrator and Private Judge, Self-employed, 1993-Present; Attorney, Private Practice, 1992-Present (and 1985-1986, 1983-1984); Judge, Southeastern Judicial District Municipal Court, 1988-1991; Judge, Dunsmuir - Mount Shasta Judicial District Municipal Court, 1987-1988; Judge Pro-tem, Siskiyou County Municipal Court Districts, 1985-1986; Deputy District Attorney, Siskiyou County, 1984-1985; Partner, Breyer, Aiello, Aiello & Semansky, 1979-1982.
Has served as mediator in the following cases:

• Two "slip and fall" cases, involving a boat marina and a resort, and their business invitees, ranging in value between $50,000 - $75,000;
• Two real property cases between buyer and seller, involving issues of breach of contract and concealment;
• An employer-employee sexual harassment/hostile work environment case, damages ranging from $25,000 - $50,000;
• A breach of warranty case between RV manufacturer, dealer, and buyer; damages ranging from $25,000 - $45,000;
• Five personal injury auto collision cases, involving drivers, ranging from $7,500 - $45,000;
• A personal injury case involving a bike rider and issue of dangerous street condition, with damages from $45,00 - $75,000;
• Over 400 mass tort claim class action settlement claims between policy owners and insurance companies with issues of fraud/misrepresentation by agents;
• A business slander and breach of employment contract case between employer/employee;
• A child custody visitation dispute between husband & wife;
• A property division settlement between husband and wife;
• A property damage case involving fire, with issue of insurance code violations in context of settlement offers;
• A partnership termination dispute between a contractor and RME.

Member of the Asbestos Litigation Panel of Arbitrators and Mediators for DII Industries, LLC Asbestos PI Trust and Federal Mogul Asbestos Settlement Trust, and the US Gypsum Asbestos Trust (2015-Current).

Miscellaneous Experience
Ten years as Pastor with Evangelical Methodist Denomination; trained with Peacemaker Ministries in principles of Biblical Conflict Resolution in both personal and corporate church settings.

As a former state court judge, has extensive experience, at both the small claims and general jurisdictional levels, with a wide array of consumer issues, including warranty law issues, the lemon law, debt collection practices, Magnuson-Moss Warranty issues, statutory claims, personal injury, and contract interpretation in a variety of settings including credit card and others.
Representative issues handled as a mediator include: Sexual harassment issues involving nature and degree of hostile work environment; personal injury issues, such as negligence, contributory negligence, prior existing injuries; real property issues including concealment of property conditions, rights/obligations under contracts, and nature and extent of warranty on RV purchase; issues of fraud such as misrepresentation by insurance agents in selling of LI policies; partnership accounting issues; and whether or not contractors were validly licensed.
Served as an attorney consultant in disability discrimination employment mediation through the EEOC, involving an employer and one of its management employees.
My philosophy toward a successful mediation is grounded on six basic tenets:

1. Key ingredient in communication is listening.
2. Preparation is basic - parties must consider both the strengths and weaknesses of their cases.
3. Refrain from judging the other person or their position without having all the facts.
4. Focus on interests not positions.
5. Separate people from the problem.
6. There are not many disputes that can't be settled if the parties are serious about resolving it.

My goal in every mediation is to increase the level of understanding and to narrow the differences between the parties. I expect all parties and counsel to be mediating in good faith and I expect their commitment to the process; to think about the needs and interests of the other party as well as their own; to ask themselves, "What can be accomplished at this mediation?" and to consider their best and worst alternatives to a negotiated settlement. My primary role as mediator is to facilitate dialogue, but once familiar with the case, if requested by the parties, I will give an opinion as to the value and likely outcome of the case.

I endorse the benefits of early dispute resolution. Tools that enable earlier settlement and minimize legal fees can include the option of having a confidential discussion before mediation in order to analyze the impediments to settlement before negotiations-instead of during negotiations-and helping to design a settlement process that addresses the impediments.
Michael Shep, Esq., (530) 893-3700; Stephan Wattenberg, Esq., (530) 342-8930; Timothy Stearns, Esq., stearns@jps.net, (530) 926-6700.
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Admitted to the Bar: California (1979); U.S. District Court: Eastern (1989) and Northern (1992) Districts of California, District of Arizona (as Counsel Pro Hac Vice, 1992), District of Oregon (as Counsel Pro Hac Vice, 1992); U.S. Court of Appeals: Ninth Circuit (1986).
California Judges Association; California Deuce Defenders; Siskiyou County Bar Association (Past Secretary); Association of Trial Lawyers of America.
University of California at Berkeley (JD-1976; BA-1972).
Listed in "Who's Who in America's Teachers," 2000.
MEDIATION IN ACTION, manual, 2002; ARBITRATION - MAKING THE PROCESS WORK, manual, 2002; "For Win-Win Solution, Try Mediation," SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, February 27, 1997; Legal Editor, Electric Review Internet Magazine.

Conducted Mediation Workshops, 2004, 2003; Arbitration Workshops, 2003, 2002; Personal Injury Mediation Seminar, 1995.
$400 Per Hour
United States of America
Mt. Shasta, CA

The AAA provides mediators to parties on cases administered by the AAA under AAA mediation procedures. Mediations that proceed without AAA administration are not considered AAA mediations, even where parties select a mediator who is a member of an AAA mediation roster.