Martin F. Scheinman, Esq.
Arbitrator, Mediator
322 Main Street
Port Washington, NY 11050
Hourly Rate $1,575
Languages English
Arbitrator, Mediator
Arbitrator and Mediator, 1978 – Present; Visiting Professor, Cornell University – "The Practice of Labor Arbitration", 2010 – Present; Lecturer NYSSILR Cornell Extension Division/Visiting Lecturer, Jean McKelvey Neutral-in-Residence, 2010; Member, Presidential Emergency Boards and Congressional Advisory Board.
Since 1979, 100% of practice is devoted to labor and employment disputes, serving exclusively as a neutral arbitrator or mediator. Arbitrated or mediated over 10,000 cases involving virtually every conceivable labor/management and employment disputes, approximately 500 of which were tripartite panels.
Served in more than 5000 mediations. These include: banking and financial services disputes with employees, employment contracts in entertainment, sports, construction, hospitality, pharmaceutical, utilities and sales, healthcare labor/management disputes, labor/management manufacturing industry disputes, conflicts between employers, contractors, subcontractors and employees involving FLSA issues, race, gender, age, sexual orientation and whistle blower claims, accounting and law firm dissolutions. Resolved disputes regarding hundreds of millions of dollars.
Issues include restrictive covenants, breaches of fiduciary duties, valuation of sales performance, severance calculations, commissions entitlements, sales area calculation, contractor and union jurisdiction issues and assignments to certain preferred employment opportunities, FLSA and race, gender, age, sexual orientation and whistle blower claims.
I view the mediator as a change agent. My responsibility goes beyond conveying proposals between parties. I believe I am required to be innovative bringing potential ideas and solutions to the parties. Depending upon the nature of the dispute, I fully engage in the nuts and bolts of the internal bargaining parties undertake within their own organizations. First and foremost, I conduct myself with the principle that my integrity and honesty are the essential tools of my profession.
New York University (JD-1979); Cornell University (MA-1976; BS-1975).
American Arbitration Association (Board of Directors); National Academy of Arbitrators; New York State Bar Association; Labor and Employment Relations Association; Board of Trustees, Cornell University.
Instructor, Cornell University, 1979 – Present. Author of "Evidence and Proof in Arbitration" (Cornell ILR Press). Lectured and presented more than 250 times on the topics of Labor Arbitration, Collective Bargaining, Grievance Handling, ERISA, Taft-Hartley Deadlocks, Employment Arbitration, and Alternate Dispute Settlement to trade, business, union and employee groups for 25 years.
$1,575 Per Hour
Port Washington, NY

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