David W. Mockbee, Esq.
125 South Congress Street
Suite 1820
Jackson, MS 39201
Daily Rate $3,000
Current Mockbee Hall & Drake, P.A. - President
Practice 20
Cases 40+
Languages English
Mockbee Hall & Drake, P.A. - President
Shareholder, Mockbee Hall & Drake, P.A. (and predecessor), 1994-present; Partner, Phelps Dunbar, L.L.P., 1986-94; Adjunct Professor, Legal Aspects of Architecture, Engineering and the Construction Process, Mississippi State University School of Architecture, 1983-present; Shareholder, Jones, Mockbee, Bass & Hodge, 1980-86; Partner, Reynolds & Mockbee, 1977-80; Associate, Watkins, Pyle, Ludlam, Winter & Stennis, 1975-77; Law Clerk to Judge Charles Clark, former Chief Judge of the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, 1974-75; Captain, USAR, 1971-79.
Has handled construction disputes as an advocate for over forty-one (41) years and as a mediator for over twenty (20) years. As an advocate, primarily represents architects and engineers, as well as contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers. As a mediator, has handled disputes relating to highway, industrial, commercial, utility and residential contraction disputes involving architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, sureties lenders and owners.
Has handled architect/engineer/contractor negligence and breach of contract claims, as well as bond claims, insurance claims, defective design claims, defective construction claims, change order claims, differing site conditions claims, and delay and disruption claims.
Has been involved in more than fifty (50) construction-related mediations as an advocate with one mediation involving more than twenty (20) parties and numerous other multi-party mediations.
David attempts to provide the benefit of his training and experience in construction and design disputes by objectively reacting to the parties' respective positions with the goal of getting the case settled by focusing the parties on their own weaknesses and the other parties strengths, as applicable, and by reminding the parties of the inherent risk in litigation and arbitration and the significant costs of both.
Ralph B. Germany, Esquire, rgermany@bradley.com, 601-592-9963; Samuel C. Kelly, Esquire, skelly@brunini.com, 601-948-3101; Andrew J. Kilpatrick, Jr., Esquire, akilpatrick@gorekilpatrick.com, 601-925-8330; Russell S. Gill, Esquire, RSgill@RSgill-lawfirm.com, 228-432-0007; James C. Simpson, Jr., Esquire, jcs@wisecarter.com, 228-867-7141.
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Admitted to the Bar: Mississippi, 1974; U.S. District Court: Northern (1974) and Southern (1975) Districts of Mississippi; Eastern District of Wisconsin, 2004; U.S. Court of Appeals: Second (2001), Third (2006), Fifth (1974), Sixth (2000), Eleventh (2000), and Federal (1982) Circuits; U.S. Court of Federal Claims, 1984; Mississippi Supreme Court, 1974; U.S. Supreme Court, 1982.
American College of Construction Lawyers (Fellow); American College of Trial Lawyers (Fellow)(former State Chair); American Board of Trial Advocates (Associate)(former State President); Mississippi Bar Foundation (Fellow); National Board of Trial Advocacy (Certified Civil Trial Advocate); American Bar Association; Mississippi State Bar Association.
Davidson College (BA-1971); University of Mississippi School of Law (J.D., with honors, Mississippi Law Journal Editor in Chief-1974).
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$3,000 Per Day
United States of America
Jackson, MS

The AAA provides mediators to parties on cases administered by the AAA under AAA mediation procedures. Mediations that proceed without AAA administration are not considered AAA mediations, even where parties select a mediator who is a member of an AAA mediation roster.