Frank Abramson, Esq.
141 Willoughby Way
Minnetonka, MN 55305
Hourly Rate $350
Current Attorney/ADR Neutral
Practice 17
Cases 250
Languages English
Attorney/ADR Neutral
Attorney and ADR Neutral, Self-employed, 1999 – Present; Adjunct Professor, William Mitchell College of Law, 2003 – 2006; Shareholder/Partner/Attorney, Lapp Laurie Libra Abramson & Thomson Chartered, 1975 – 1999; Associate, Altman Geraghty Mulally & Weiss, 1973 – 1975; Staff Accountant, Touche Ross Bailey & Smart C.P.A., 1969.
Has mediated approximately 50-75 cases in which employees alleged that an employer violated state or federal anti-discrimination laws where the allegations included sexual harassment, age, gender, or disability discrimination. Those cases involved an individual making such claims against their employer, which employers range from local and state governmental agencies to small and large corporations as well as unincorporated entities. Has also mediated approximately 150 matters while serving as a neutral in the In Re The Prudential Insurance Company of America Sales Practices Litigation (class action settlement). Has also mediated numerous dissolution of marriage matters, as well as other matters including wrongful death, dispute between a professional athlete and a management company, landlord and tenant dispute, and dispute between a physician and hospital.
Mediated numerous cases involving claims of age, gender, race and disability discrimination as well as claims of sexual harassment and the damages resulting from loss of income and emotional distress. Has also mediated numerous matters involving financial issues that arise in marriage dissolution matters, including issues of business and real estate valuation, and one or more of the following: dispute between a professional athlete and management company regarding representation, wrongful death damages, physician and hospital dispute regarding privileges and other miscellaneous matters.
Has represented parties in mediations involving employment discrimination, personal injury, contracts, divorce, custody and wrongful termination. Amounts in dispute have ranged from the lower five figures to seven figures.
Mr. Abramson is primarily a facilitative mediator. Only upon request has he, as a last resort in what would otherwise be a failed mediation, become evaluative if all parties request that he do so. He believes that it is the parties' mediation but it is important that he add value to the process by building on the ideas expressed by the parties and making suggestions of ways in which the matter may be resolved which they have not considered. It is his ultimate goal to assist the parties in achieving resolution, but failing that, it is important that they feel they have fully explored the options and exhausted the possibilities for settlement at the conclusion of the mediation.
Andrew E. Tanick,, (612) 486-1623; Sonja Dunnwald Peterson,, (612) 347-0043; Holly M. Robbins,, (612) 630-1000.
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Admitted to the Bar: Minnesota, 1973; U.S. District Court: District of Minnesota, 1973.
Minnesota State Bar Association; Hennepin County Bar Association; Conflict Resolution Minnesota.
University of Minnesota (JD, cum laude-1973; BS, Business/Accounting, with distinction-1969).
$350 Per Hour
United States of America
Minnetonka, MN

The AAA provides mediators to parties on cases administered by the AAA under AAA mediation procedures. Mediations that proceed without AAA administration are not considered AAA mediations, even where parties select a mediator who is a member of an AAA mediation roster.