Anthony J. Garcia, Esq.
Tampa, Florida
Hourly Rate $400
Current Garcia Mediation - Sole Founder
Languages English
Garcia Mediation - Sole Founder
Sole Founder, Garcia Mediation, 2018-Present; Sole Founder, AG Law P.A., 2015-Present; Founding Partner, Trial Lawyers of Alvarez Garcia, 2003-2015; Associate Counsel, Caglianone & Miller Trial Attorneys, 1998-2001; Assistant State Attorney, Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit, 1997-1998.
Twenty-five years of diversified legal experience covering a multitude of areas, practicing insurance defense and representing plaintiffs in civil litigation, class action, mass tort and business transactional matters.<br/><br/>Willingness to serve both the defense and plaintiff bars as corporate, trial and post-trial counsel. Began career at the Office of the State Attorney for Hillsborough County, Florida. First private sector associate position involved corporate and insurance defense in the Tampa Bay Area, including Allstate, Metropolitan, State Farm, Federated National and more.<br/><br/>Served as a founding partner of the boutique firm Trial Lawyers of Alvarez Garcia. Assisted plaintiffs/defendants in civil and criminal matters. Launched AG Law in 2015 as a solo practitioner. Since then, dedicated time to helping clients resolve injury, corporate, class action, and mass tort issues.<br/><br/>Represented hundreds of businesses and individuals from Florida, Louisiana, and Alabama, negotiated and resolved nearly $25 million in economic loss and punitive damage claims. Worked closely with federally appointed neutrals to the BP Oil Spill Settlement, resulting in an interest in efficient dispute resolution.
Heavy experience mediating matters of personal injury, wrongful death, consumer protection and commercial issues, including cases involving cyber security and IT matters, automobile accidents, premises liability, Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, contracts, business disputes, non-compete agreements, HOA disputes, libel and slander, sports, product liability.
Business disputes, commercial litigation, auto injury, premises liability, homeowner’s disputes, family, legal malpractice, BP claim/contractor dispute, fee dispute, contract issues, sports, international tax disputes, cyber security matters, IT disputes.
A productive mediation has several key ingredients; if one or more is missing, the process will suffer.<br/><br/>Choosing an impartial mediator that reveres patience, persistence and perspective will put clients on the road toward resolution of any dispute. A “Listen First” philosophy is one that revolves around preparation, confidentiality, candor, mutual respect, active listening and perhaps most importantly, empowerment. The sharing of perspectives, data and points of interest are key to identifying each client’s needs and motivations. By following the “Listen First” philosophy all participants can work toward identifying issues, foster joint problem solving, and explore settlement alternatives.
Stetson University Law School & South Texas College of Law (JD-1996); University of Florida (BA, Communication Studies/Business Minor-1993).
Admitted to the Bar: Florida (1997).
National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals; Hillsborough County Bar Association (current Board Member and Bench Bar Committee Member); Florida Bar (current member 13th Jud Cir. Grievance Committee); Jesuit Bar Association.
Member of the HCBA’s Bench Bar Planning Committee and has moderated panel discussions regarding Mediation and Arbitration. Published several articles in the HCBA’s Lawyer Magazine. Created virtual CLE’s and presented for membership of the Hillsborough and Broward County Bars alongside State Judiciary.
$400 Per Hour
United States of America
Tampa, FL

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