Inely C. Cesna
Malibu, California
Hourly Rate $247
Languages English
- 15-year experience as corporate Intellectual property lawyer settling trademark disputes, licensing matters and collectors issues.<br/>- 10-year experience as coach, guiding executives, leaders and individuals on their personal, professional and spiritual paths<br/>- 5-year experience as a facilitator and educator, developing and delivering cutting edge programs on leadership, communication efficiency, human dynamics and conflict resoltuion.<br/>- Extensive international experience with licensure to practice law in São Paulo, Brazil, and Virginia, U.S. <br/>- Excellence in navigating emotionally charged situations with a heart-centered approach, leveraging conflicts as opportunities for profound growth and learning.
Institute For Next Level Leadership LLC, <br/>Founder, Mediator, Coach, Facilitator & Lawyer
- Experienced mediator of over 500 cases with a robust background in law, spiritual psychology, and alternative dispute resolution. <br/>- Holds a Juris Doctor in Law, a Master of Arts in Spiritual Psychology emphasizing Consciousness, Health, and Healing, and a Doctorate in Spiritual Sciences with Advanced Ministerial Studies. <br/>- Expertise in resolving diverse disputes across cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. <br/>- Expertise in intellectual property, community, family, divorce and police / community matters. <br/>- Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish,.<br/>- Excellence in fostering effective communication and collaboration offering a unique blend of legal acumen, psychological insight, and cross-cultural sensitivity .
LOS ANGELES CITY ATTORNEY’S OFFICE | 2023 - NOW | LOS ANGELES, CA<br/>Community Mediator<br/>• Mediated neighbor-neighbor, business-consumer,spouses, landlord-tenant, workplace and police- civilian disputes with 80% settlement rate<br/>• Specialized in emotionally charged cases, including cross-cultural and litigated matters..<br/><br/>INSTITUTE FOR NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP, LLC | 2018 - NOW | MALIBU, CA<br/><br/>Founder, Facilitator and Coach<br/>• Launched institute from inception taking it to immediate market viability,<br/>managed operations, budget planning, partnerships, lead generation, developed and facilitated +500 hours of leadership and conflict resolutioncurriculum with nearly 100% retention.<br/> • Coached and trained leaders, executives, mediators, educators and entrepreneurs granting over <br/> 100 certificates of completion internationally and achieving nearly 100% retention.<br/><br/>INELY CESNA COACHING | 2015 - NOW | MALIBU, CA<br/><br/>Founder and Coach<br/>• Coached for +6000 hours on topics of workplace issues, career change, marriage, parenting, interpersonal relations, spiritual orientation, personal and professional development. Managed client acquisition and relations, special projects and day-to day business matters.<br/>• Provided guidance in personal, spiritual, and professional development following the coaching ethical and professional standards established by the International Coaching Federation.<br/><br/>MARS INCORPORATED | 1997 - 2004 | MCLEAN, VA<br/>Marketing Property Manager for the Americas and Africa<br/>• Responsible for leading brand protection mediation and litigation strategies.<br/>• Developed and delivered leadership and brand awareness training and events, budget planning and administration<br/>• Implemented new software management system.<br/>• Managed multi-million dollar budget, and developed global brand guidelines saving millions of dollars in brand protection and enforcement.<br/><br/>UNILEVER PLC | 1990 - 1994 | SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL<br/>Trademark Attorney<br/>• Responsible for managing trademark registrations and brand portfolio, monitored market place for infringement, worked in liaison with outside attorneys in mediation and litigation strategies, and contributed to the development of new trademark
Experience with Mediation, Conciliation and Facilitation of large groups
- 10-year career as a coach and mediator, serving and training mediators, coaches, police officers, lawyers, business owners on topics of conflict resolution, human dynamics and leadership<br/><br/>- 15-year career as a corporate attorney, serving and training CEOs, executives and lawyers in the U.S., Brazil and other 40 countries on topics of leadership and brand usage and protection<br/><br/>- 500 plus hours of mediation involving workplace conflict, community and police issues, neighbor to neighbor disputes, post-divorce communication, HOA and tenants matters, and others, with 80% settlement rate<br/><br/>- Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in Alternative Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law<br/><br/>- 117-page Masters Dissertation on "Utilizing Insights From the Enneagram Model of Human Psychology to Enhance Neutrality and Success in Mediation”<br/><br/>- Awarded Certificate of Completion from the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office Dispute Resolution Program attesting the successful completion of the mediation, conciliation and facilitation training in accordance with the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act.<br/><br/>- Trainer and contributor of mediator's training for the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office Dispute Resolution Program.<br/><br/>- Coach for the Los Angeles Police Department De-Escalation Training
- Neighbor issues <br/>- Landlord / HOA & tenants<br/>- Marriage & Divorces<br/>- Family<br/>- Community & Police<br/>
- Transformative style <br/>- Heart-centered approach <br/>- Sees conflict as spiritual opportunities for learning, growth and upliftment<br/>- Work towards healing deeper underlying issues<br/>- Promote establishment of stronger and mature relationships<br/>- Foster settlement resolutions that also promote forgiveness and reconciliation.
MS Office, Keynotes, Powerpoint, Google Workspace, Google Docs, Mac<br/>& PC.
PEPPERDINE CARUSO SCHOOL OF LAW| MALIBU, CA<br/>• Masters of Laws (LL.M.) in Alternative Dispute Resolution<br/><br/>PEACE THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY & COLLEGE OF PHILOSOPHY | LOS ANGELES, CA<br/>• Doctorate in Spiritual Sciences (D.S.S.), with Advanced Ministerial Studies<br/><br/>UNIVERSITY OF SANTA MONICA | SANTA MONICA, CA<br/>• Master of Arts (M.A.) in Spiritual Psychology, with emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing<br/>• Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Certification Program<br/><br/>GEORGE MASON ANTONIN SCALIA LAW SCHOOL | ARLINGTON, VA<br/>• Juris Doctor in Law (equivalency)<br/><br/>UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE FRANKLIN PIERCE LAW CENTER|CONCORD, NH<br/>• Master in Intellectual Property (MIP)<br/>• Intellectual Property Summer Institute and Advanced Licensing<br/>Institute<br/><br/>UNIVERSIDADE DE SÃO PAULO, SÃO FRANCISCO LAW SCHOOL|SÃO PAULO, BR<br/>• Bachelor in Law with Specialization in Corporate Law
• International Ombudsman Association<br/>• MC3 Mediation Certification<br/>• American Arbitration Association Mediation Panel<br/>• International Coaching Federation<br/>• International Enneagram Association<br/>• Southern California Mediation Association<br/>• Forbes Coaches Council<br/>• International Bar Association<br/>• American Bar Association<br/>• Virginia Bar Association<br/>• São Paulo Bar Association
• International Ombudsman Association, Professional Development Group<br/>• Forbes Coaches Council, Member Leader<br/>• Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, Community Mediator<br/>• Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy, Reader of Doctoral Student Papers<br/>• California Academy of Mediation Professionals, Court Mediator<br/>• University of Santa Monica, Reader of Master Degree Student Papers<br/>• Viewpoint School, Co-chair Fundraising Committee
• “Naked Truth. My Journey to Divine Intimacy”, published in 2022, Balboa<br/>Press<br/>• “Critical Axis: Consciousness of Choice in Times of Change”, co-authored<br/>and published, 2022, Balboa Press<br/>• “The Joy of Leadership”, published by Forbes Coaches Council on<br/>October 26, 2023
$247 Per Hour
Malibu, CA

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