Noel L. Miner
4300 S. US Hwy 1, #203-254
Jupiter, FL 33477
Hourly Rate $325
Current Linke Mediation, Inc. - President
Practice 19
Cases 3000
Languages English
Linke Mediation, Inc. - President
President, Linke Mediation, Inc., 2004-Present; Senior Litigation Paralegal & Investigator, Rozelle & Call, PA, 1991-2004; Assistant Chief Investigator, Identifax Investigative Services, 1986-1990; Investigator & Paralegal, New Hampshire Public Defender, 1984-1986.
Began mediating in 1995, and maintains a successful, full-time mediation practice. Has mediated in excess of three thousand cases. Practice is primarily in the area of EEO, employment, workplace, divorce, ADA, insurance, and business disputes. Long standing clients include: United States Postal Service, United State Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Key Bridge Center for Mediation and Florida Department of Financial Services. Enjoyed a 20 year career as a legal professional, primarily in litigated matters, such as employment, personal injury and insurance.

* Florida Supreme Court Circuit, County & Family Certified Mediator.
* Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator.
* United States Department of Justice, Key Bridge Foundation. ADA, Mediator.
* United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Mediator.
* United States Postal Service, Mediator.
* Federal Emergency Management Agency, Dispute Resolution Advisor.
* Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., (FDIC), Workplace Disputes Program. Mediator.
* State of Florida, Department of Insurance, Mediator.
* State of Florida, Department of Business & Professional Regulation, Division of Land Sales, Condominiums & Mobile Homes, Bureau of Condominiums, Mediator.
* Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Certified Mediator.
* The Florida Bar Grievance Mediation Program, Mediator.
* Florida Supreme Court, Dispute Resolution Center, Approved Assistant Trainer, Circuit & Family.
* Florida Supreme Court, Dispute Resolution Center, Mediator Ethics Advisory Committee, Investigator.
* Adjunct Professor, Palm Beach State College, Dispute Resolution/Mediation.
* Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, Inc., Treasure, past Secretary & Director.
* Association for Conflict Resolution, Member
All of the represented clients above present cases which are unique. Employment mediations may range from hostile work environment to EEO, sexual harassment and wrongful termination.
Has enjoyed a 20 year career as a legal professional, primarily with litigated matters in both state and federal circuit civil courts, such as employment, personal injury, product liability and insurance. A majority (hundred's) of the Firm's cases resulted in mediation conferences where pre-trial settlement was favored.
It is Ms. Miner's experience that parties (even high conflict parties) have the ability to resolve disputed issues, with the assistance of a skilled and professional mediator. Ms. Miner recognizes that parties attending mediation deserve a respectful, balanced and fair mediation process, as well as, the opportunity to openly communicate all issues. It is Ms. Miner who will, among other techniques, reframe and summarize the communications between each party, while listening for possible underlying issues which had previously blocked resolution. Ms. Miner looks towards option building based on the parties spoken and unspoken communications made during the mediation conference. Settlement agreements are achieved by building the parties trust as a third party neutral.

Ms. Miner does not subscribe to any one specific model of mediation. Ms. Miner is experienced in facilitative, directive, transformative and evaluative, and as such, the application of several styles during the mediation, or one style or another, will depend on the mediation conference.
United States Postal Service, Redress/EEO, Washington, D.C.
United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission., Miami, FL
Key Bridge Foundation for Mediation, Washington, D.C.
Since 1998, continues to complete above the minimum hours of Continuing Mediation Education for each two year period as required by the Florida Supreme Court for Certified Mediators. For the two year period 2011-2013, certified to the Florida Dispute Resolution Center completing 65 hours of CME's and for the two year period 2009-2011, completed 71.9 hours of CME's. Prior years of training are consistent.
Association of South Florida Mediators & Arbitrators: New Developments for ADR, March 2014.
Federal Emergency Management Agency: ADR Cadre Advisor Annual Training, March 2014.
Florida Dispute Resolution Conference: Expanding Our Horizons, August 2013.
Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, North Central, April 2013.
Federal Emergency Management Agency: ADR Cadre Advisor Annual Training, March 2013.
Association of Conflict Resolution: Creating Connections 12th Annual Conference, September 2012.
United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission: Miami Technical Assistance Seminar, August 2011.
Mediation Training Center, Perry Itkin, Esq.: Critical Thinking, May 2011.
Hillsborough County Bar Association: Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediator Training, March 2010
Fannie Mae & Collins Center for Public Policy: Foreclosure Mediation, February 2010.
Florida Academy of Professional Mediators: Summer Mediation Symposium, August 2010.
Federal Emergency Management Agency: ADR Cadre Annual Training, June, 2010.
Gerald S. Deutsch Trainer: Divorce Without War, October 2009.
Florida Supreme Court Circuit, County and Family Certified Mediator. Florida Supreme Court Qualified Arbitrator. Florida Supreme Court Assistant Trainer, Circuit and Family.
Florida Academy of Professional Mediators-Treasure, past Secretary and Director, member
Association of Conflict Resolution
Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida (Master of Science-Dispute Resolution, 1998)
New England College, Henniker, New Hampshire (BA- Political Science & International Administration, 1983)
Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award 2009, Nova Southeastern University Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dispute Resolution.
Federal Emergency Management Agency, Office of Chief Counsel, Award of Appreciation, ADR Cadre 2010, 2012, & 2013.
Excellence Award 2013, Department of Homeland Security, Office of General Counsel.
Professional Mediation Institute, Annual Conference: Thinking Outside the Box When The Box Has Blown Away: Disaster Mediation. August 2014. Speaker.
Florida Academy of Professional Mediators, North Central, April 2013. Embedded Practitioner Within the Disaster Environment. Speaker

Employment & Workplace Mediation: What is It? and Why Should I Use It?. Article 2011.
Making Use of Mediation for Small Businesses. Article 2006.
Mediated Family Estate Planning. Article 2007.
Mediation...What Is It? Divorce With Out Attorneys. Article 2006.
$325 Per Hour
United States of America
Jupiter, FL

The AAA provides mediators to parties on cases administered by the AAA under AAA mediation procedures. Mediations that proceed without AAA administration are not considered AAA mediations, even where parties select a mediator who is a member of an AAA mediation roster.